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If you’re looking for a rehab program to get the results you need to build a better life, you’ve come to the right place.

People in a cognitive-behavioral therapy programThe journey to overcoming addiction can be a challenging experience filled with various choices to make. Among these options, in the Buckeye State, is participating in a cognitive-behavioral therapy program (CBT) in Cincinnati, Ohio, designed to help individuals navigate their way to recovery. Call 888.663.3844 to speak with someone from our knowledgeable and experienced Sanative Recovery and Wellness team about behavioral therapy for addiction, in general, and our addiction counseling in Cincinnati, Ohio.

What Is Behavioral Therapy for Addiction?

Behavioral therapy—the most popular type is cognitive-behavioral therapy—is an evidence-based, goal-oriented treatment approach that focuses on changing negative thought patterns, beliefs, and behaviors. Addiction is often rooted in these unhealthy thinking patterns that influence one’s decisions and actions. By identifying and adjusting these thoughts and behaviors, individuals struggling with addiction can begin their journey to recovery.

What Is a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Program?

A CBT program is a structured addiction treatment approach usually involving individual or group sessions with a mental health professional, such as a therapist. They provide cognitive interventions such as cognitive restructuring, relaxation techniques, problem solving, and cognitive reframing. The program can be a standalone treatment or used in combination with other interventions, such as:

  • 12-Step programs
  • Other forms of psychotherapy, such as dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

The therapist works with the client to identify unhelpful thought patterns, beliefs, and behaviors contributing to their addiction. They also teach coping strategies and support applying these new skills to daily life. The goal is to help clients develop healthier coping skills by teaching them how to rely on themselves first to change their destructive behaviors.

What Should You Expect from CBT?

Enrolling in a CBT program can be both an exciting and apprehensive experience. Maintaining an open mind and being committed to the process for optimal results is essential. During a typical therapy session, you and your therapist will explore the thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors associated with your addiction. You may be asked to participate in various exercises to develop healthy coping mechanisms and confront triggers contributing to your addiction. Ultimately, the goal is to help you make lasting behavior changes that promote sobriety and overall well-being.

Benefits of Behavioral Therapy for Addiction

Those who participate in cognitive-behavioral therapy gain skills that are essential for recovery. Expected benefits of CBT include the following.

Improved Self-Awareness

By participating in CBT, clients gain a deeper understanding of their thought processes and emotional responses, enabling them to make better choices when faced with challenging situations.

Enhanced Coping Skills

Behavioral therapy for addiction helps clients develop healthy coping strategies to deal with cravings, stress, and negative emotions that can derail recovery.

Greater Self-Efficacy

Through CBT, individuals learn to trust their ability to stay sober, which leads to increased motivation and confidence in maintaining long-term recovery.

Reduced Risk of Relapse

By addressing underlying thought patterns and belief systems that contribute to addiction, CBT teaches clients how to identify and prevent relapse triggers.

Improved Overall Mental Health

Apart from addressing addiction, CBT can also help treat co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), thereby enhancing overall mental well-being.

Find a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Program in Cincinnati, Ohio, at Sanative Recovery and Wellness

A cognitive-behavioral therapy program can be a valuable component in the journey to addiction recovery. By targeting negative thought patterns and beliefs, CBT assists individuals in developing healthier coping mechanisms and preventing relapses. If you or a loved one is in the Buckeye State, struggling with addiction, and considering treatment options, contact Sanative Recovery and Wellness today at 888.663.3844 to learn more about our behavioral therapy for addiction in Ohio.